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USPS PS 3602-EZ 2021-2024 free printable template

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United States Postal Service Post Office: Note Mail Arrival Date & Time (Do Not Round Stamp)Postage Statement USPS Marketing Mail Easy Nonautomation Letters or Flats This form may be used only for
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USPS PS 3602-EZ Form Versions

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How to fill out ps form 3602 ez


How to fill out PS Form 3602 EZ:

Begin by obtaining the PS Form 3602 EZ from your local post office or by downloading it online.
Start by filling in the sender's information section. This includes your name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.
Fill in the recipient's information, including their name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.
Indicate the type of mailing service you are using by checking the appropriate box. Options may include First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, or other mailing services.
Specify the weight of your mailpiece in pounds and ounces. If uncertain, you can use a scale to weigh it accurately.
Determine the mailpiece dimensions by measuring its length, width, and height. Record the measurements in the corresponding fields on the form.
Indicate the number of extra services you are adding to your mailing by checking the appropriate boxes. These services may include Certified Mail, Return Receipt, or others.
Calculate the total postage required based on the mailing service, weight, dimensions, and any additional services. Consult the USPS postage rate charts for accurate calculations.
Sign and date the form to certify that the information provided is accurate and complete.
Keep a copy for your records and submit the original PS Form 3602 EZ at your local post office when paying for postage.

Who needs PS Form 3602 EZ:

Mailers who frequently send out packages and letters using various USPS mailing services.
Businesses and organizations that require accurate documentation of postage costs and mailing details.
Individuals or entities that want to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of their mail and track its progress through extra services.
Note: The specific requirements for using PS Form 3602 EZ may vary depending on the country and postal service regulations. It is advisable to consult the USPS website or contact your local post office for detailed instructions and guidelines.

Who needs a PS 3602NZ form?

PS 3602NZ form is needed for legal or private entities, who are going to send mail or pieces on non-profit background.

What is for PS 3602NZ form?

PS 3602NZ form is a statement, which tells posting office about transporting mail or flats. The following form must be applied only in cases, when sender will not have any profits, which may be obligated by taxes.

It is standard Mail-Easy form, but if your case is not common to this form, use PS Form 3602-R. It is common for standard mailing.

Only standards tax payments are allowed in sending hostages, which are included to this form.

Is PS 3602NZ Form accompanied by other forms?

PS 3602NZ is not accompanied by other forms. But some attachments may be included according subjects of mailing.

When is PS 3602NZ Form due?

Time of expiration must be noted at the form by person who sends mail.

How do I feel out PS 3602NZ Form?

Feel correctly the following sections to complete PS 3602NZ form:

  • Mailer (holders name, e-mail, phone and address)

  • Mailing (office of mailing, mailing date, Permit number, Federal Agency cost code, statement seq. Number, type of postage, weight in pounds, total pieces, total weight, move update method)

  • Postage (total postage, postage affixed details if available)

  • USPS use (additional payments, which are depended on specific state, total values about cases when postage affixed and adjusted postage imprint permission)

  • Certification. Signature of mailer, his name and telephone.

  • Details about mail-postage (entities, categories, total postage, number of pieces)

Where do I send PS 3602NZ Form?

Completed PS 3602NZ form must be sent to your local post office branch.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ps form 3602 ez

Instructions and Help about bulk mail form

Using bulk mail can save a lot of money for organizations that frequently send large numbers of identical letters brochures newsletters or other pieces of mail many organizations may not use bulk mail because they do not believe that it will save enough money or because it may seem too complicated to produce used properly bulk mailings can save over half your postage cost and can easily be produced with only minimal resources this video will show you first how to decide when to use bulk mail then move on to how to design basic bulk mail and finally how to prepare it correctly for your local bulk mail entry in it at the US Postal Service first bulk mailings are intended only for large numbers of identical pieces of mail sent as a group lets look at your mailing list you should have enough addresses to produce a minimum of 200 unique pieces of domestic us mail international addresses are not usable for bulk mail each entry on your mailing list should have a single deliverable address having to address is showing on one piece of mail well keep that entry for being usable in a bulk mailing if your mailing list is complete, and you have enough entries to use bulk mail then it's time to decide what you will be sending more crates can be applied to a variety of types of mail including letters large envelopes or folded brochures and mailers lets look at your mailing list again you should decide how you will attach your addresses to your mailing whether you print it on directly or use adhesive labels you should not handwrite the address the bottom two lines of the address will be the most important to ensure correct delivery the last line of each address should be composed of the city state and zip code the line above that should be the delivery address including box suite or apartment number if there is one using this standardized form allows the post office to process your mailing without sorting errors proper placement of both the destination address and your return address is also important to be sure that your return address is in the upper left corner on the front of the mail peace the destination address from your mailing list should be centered further down on the front of your envelope or brochure if you are using a folded mailer or brochure it is important to fold it correctly the final fold should be along the bottom edge of the brochure with the open edge at the top it folds along adjacent signs of needed to put the first fold along the right edge then put the second fold along the bottom edge after folding allows machines that will sort your mail to do so without damaging it after you fold your brochure be sure to secure the open-top using self-adhesive tabs if you do not have any tab an easy substitute is to use blank mailing labels finally after all your mail has been printed sealed and addressed correctly the last step is to sort your mailing for the US Post Office place the finished pieces in numeric order by using the zip code that...

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PS Form 3602-EZ, Postal Service Shipping Services End-of-Day Report, requires the following information to be reported: 1. Number of pieces shipped 2. Total weight of pieces shipped 3. Total postage paid 4. Total postage due 5. Total number of mail pieces with postage due 6. Total amount of postage due 7. Total number of mail pieces with postage overpaid 8. Total amount of overpaid postage 9. Total number of mail pieces with postage underpaid 10. Total amount of underpaid postage 11. Total number of mail pieces with postage voided 12. Total amount of postage voided 13. Total number of mail pieces returned 14. Total amount of postage due for returned pieces 15. Total number of mail pieces for which postage was refunded 16. Total amount of postage refunded
The deadline to file PS Form 3602-EZ in 2023 is September 30, 2023.
PS Form 3602-EZ is a domestic United States Postal Service (USPS) mailing form. It is primarily used for mailing Standard Mail and First-Class Mail parcels. The form is used to document the sender's information, recipient's information, mailing date, postage amount, and other relevant details for mail processing and record-keeping purposes. It is a simplified version of PS Form 3602, providing an easier and more convenient way to prepare and submit the required information for mailing purposes.
The PS Form 3602-EZ is required to be filed by businesses or organizations that are mailing First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, or Bound Printed Matter. This form is used to document and report mailing activity to the United States Postal Service (USPS).
To fill out PS Form 3602-EZ, follow these steps: 1. Begin by entering the date in the "Date" field at the top right corner of the form. 2. In the "From" section, provide the name of the mailer or organization that is sending the mail in the "Mailer" field. 3. Fill in the "Company Name" and "Address" fields with the complete address of the mailer. 4. If any alternate or additional company name or address is applicable, write it in the "Additional Company Name" and "Additional Address" fields. 5. In the "To" section, enter the name of the postal facility or organization where the mail is being sent in the "Destination Facility" field. 6. Provide the complete address of the destination facility in the "Address" field. 7. Next, enter the mail identification number (MID) in the "MID Number" field. This is a unique identifier assigned by the USPS. 8. In the "Postage Payment Method" section, check the appropriate box indicating the method of postage payment, whether by permit account or postage meter. 9. If using a permit account, provide the permit account number in the "Permit Account Number" field. 10. For postage meter payment method, fill in the "Meter Serial Number" field with the serial number of the postage meter. 11. In the "Postage Statements" section, enter the total number of pieces in each category (First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, etc.) and their corresponding postage amounts in the appropriate "Price category" and "Number of pieces" fields. 12. Add up the total number of pieces and total postage for all categories and provide the sum in the "Total for all price categories" field. 13. If any mail is eligible for a discount, enter the discount amount in the "Total discount for all mailpieces" field. 14. Finally, sign and date the form at the bottom, confirming that the information provided is accurate and complete. It is crucial to review the completed form for accuracy before submitting it to the USPS along with the corresponding mailpieces.
The purpose of PS Form 3602 EZ, also known as the USPS (United States Postal Service) Postage Statement – Standard Mail, Nonprofit Standard Mail, and Presorted First-Class Mail, is to provide a form for mailers to document and reconcile the postage used for specific types of mailings. It is used to calculate the total cost of postage and to declare that the mailer has paid the appropriate amount for the mail being sent. The form includes sections for entering details about the mailer, the mailing date, postage calculations, and the payment method.
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